Terminator Genisys (2015) review

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The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is back (Again!) in a brand new adventure ” Terminator Genisys “.

In Terminator Genisys John Connor, leader of the resistance, meets the young Kyle Reese. After several years on John’s side, Kyle volunteers to go back to the year 1984 to protect Sarah Connor… but when he does, unexpected events happen!

My opinion : !! Attention to the Spoilers !!

Reviewing Terminator Genisys wasn’t an easy task to do, that’s for sure!

Let me put it this way… If you’re a hardcore Terminator fan who watched the first 4 movies (& especially the first 3) a douzen of times (like I did) and you have high expectations when it comes to Terminator Genisys, you might end up being disappointed!

Everything you once knew about The Terminator movies is gone and that’s really hard to accept! Sarah Connor for example, we all remember her as the crazy, bad ass mom from Terminator 2 and somehow this is how we want to remember her… Back then, Linda Hamilton has put down such a great performance that no-one will ever be able to replace her! It must have been a huge challenge for the lovely Emilia Clarke  to play the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, respect! She did well but no matter how hard you try not to, you can’t stop comparing her to Linda Hamilton and no matter how hard she tries to be her, she isn’t.

original-sarah-conor sarah-connor-genisys

When comparing her to the 1984 Sarah (Terminator 1) at the other hand, Sarah Connor’s character tuns out to be way more interesting if you ask me!

Why mess with the cult?

We all know that at one point in time John sends Kyle back to 1984 to save Sarah. As Kyle explains it so well in Terminator 1, he volunteers for the job because he’s secretly in love with Sarah. Old John (the one from Terminator Genisys)  instantly agrees because he already knows Kyle will succeed in his purpose. He knows because his mom Sarah told him stories about his farther when he was still a kid… So far so good!

Was it really necessary to go back to 1984 and mess with the original story? In Terminator Genisys Sarah explains a Terminator went back to 1974 to kill her and another one saved and raised her… Wasn’t it an option to put that story on screen so the audience would know how the Terminator ended up there! For that to achieve, the story in Terminator Genesys should have moved on after Kyle’s departure, showing (or suggesting) the departure of the second Terminator from Terminator 2 and so on… (to be consistent with T2 and T3) to eventually send a new Terminator to Sarah’s childhood.

Ok, (after a while) you would still be messing with the original script but it wouldn’t destroy it all at once!!!

Messing with time is an art!

Terminator Genisys is filled with (hollywood convenient) time paradoxes, or isn’t it ?

One could argue John’s pre-knowlegde causes an alteration of the future which is also affecting the past, in theory there’s no way Skynet could have known the prenatal killing missions would fail as Skynet doesn’t have any memory of it like John does! But let’s assume some events from the previous movies caused that alteration to happen, a partial alteration of the timeline as some things are still valid while others are not! So why doesn’t John have any memory of it at the time he sends Kyle back to 1984?

In terminator 1, there was love! Because of all the new events this natural love didn’t take place.  So now the Terminator repeatedly has to remind the two young birds they’re supposed to “conceive”… Even if those two would “conceive”, how can they be sure it’s the same kid that pops out? Unless they “conceive” at the exact same second as in Terminator 1, chances are high John will end up being a one-legged transsexual with a severe mental disorder. This might explain why John suddenly looks so different from the past. Leaves me wondering, is Jason Clarke supposed to act as a retard or is it a natural thing?

The second Terminator (the one played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2) is supposed to be reprogrammed by John himself to save him as a kid!! Something John is supposed to do after sending Kyle back to 1984, right? (spoiler —-> ) At the end of Terminator Genisys, John is some kind of Terminator nano hybrid with no intention to do that! Conclusion, Terminator 2 never happened!

You could go on for hours providing different theories but no matter how you try to explain the course of events, it will always result into an unexplainable time paradox!

The movie in itself

When you ignore all the above, the movie in itself isn’t that bad!

Special effects:

When it comes to the Terminators… nothing revolutionary, special effects are most often comparable to what you’ve seen in the previous movie. But that’s ok!

Dialogs :

Dialogs definitely could have been better! At multiple occasions I’ve found them unnatural, even for an aged robot!

One-liners such as “Come with me if you want to live” are still fired at will… not sure if that is such a good thing but it’s one of the only things that did make sense 😛

Some new one-liners were introduced and used on multiple occasions!  “I’m old, not obsolete” is ment to be funny… it was kinda funny once, no need to repeat it 3 to 4 times.

Cast :

Some of the cast could have been better chosen!  Especially John was in no way meeting my expectations…

It’s great to see “Schwarzie” play the role of The Terminator once again! Despite his age, he’s doing a great job! That alone is worth watching Terminator Genisys !! The fact he’s in the movie is awesome but his presence definatly had an impact on the script.

Conclusion :

When you do watch it ( and I hope you will) … be open minded! Don’t think to much about the past, forget the “why” and “how” and simply enjoy it for what it is, another Terminator Movie 😀


Producer David Ellison, Dana Goldberg
Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger,Jason Clarke,Emilia Clarke,Jai Courtney,J.K. Simmons,Matt Smith,Dayo Okeniyi,Courtney B. Vance,Lee Byung-hun,Michael Gladis,Sandrine Holt,Gregory Alan Williams
Release date 2015/06/25
Running time 126 min

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