Chappie (2015) review


A police robot destroyed during duty is saved from demolition by his maker Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) who intends to use him as a trial for the AI software he developed.

While trying to retrieve the robot from the manufactury, Deon is kidnapped by a group of gangsters, Ninja, Yolandi, and Amerika, who threaten to kill him unless he reprograms the robot to obey them. Deon has no choice but to agree and uploads the AI software into the robot’s brain.

A self-aware robot is born, Chappie! Now it’s up to Ninja, Yolandi and Amerika to raise him as a true gangsta! But they’ll need to hurry because his battery will only last for 5 days …

While Chappie is searching for a way to survive by transferring his conciousness to another robot, Dean’s jealous colleague Vincent Moore(Hugh Jackman) uploads a virus to disable all robots and uses his own mind controlled prototype robot in an attempt to destroy Chappie & his new family.

Our opinion :

We really enjoyed watching ‘Chappie’!
Although it has some similarities with “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)”  and “Robocop(1987)” , this movie is one of a kind!

Hopefully we’ll get to see a sequel really soon 😀



Producer Neill Blomkamp
Cast Sharlto Copley,Dev Patel,Ninja,Yolandi Visser,Jose Pablo Cantillo,Sigourney Weaver,Hugh Jackman,Brandon Auret,Anderson Cooper
Release date 2015/03/06
Running time 120 min

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